DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Sunday 20.01.2019 (utc time)

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00:05Hot Right Now!
02:00World Stage: MTV Spotlight @...
02:45MTV Unplugged: Biffy Clyro
03:30Powerplay! This Week's MTV Hotlist
06:00Hot Right Now!
09:00Powerplay! This Week's MTV Hotlist
11:00World Stage: MTV Spotlight @...
11:45MTV Unplugged: Biffy Clyro
12:30Shawn Mendes: MTV Unplugged
13:10MTV Music Evolution Manila '16
13:55Hot Right Now!
14:00Dua Lipa's Hotter Than Hell Hits
15:25Hot Spot: Dua Lipa
15:35MTV Asks Olly Murs 2018
16:00Hot Right Now!
18:00Powerplay! This Week's MTV Hotlist
19:00Dua Lipa's Hotter Than Hell Hits
20:20Hot Spot: Dua Lipa
20:35MTV Asks Olly Murs 2018
21:00MTV Live Stage: The Best Bits
21:45MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling
22:30World Stage: MTV Spotlight @...
23:15MTV Unplugged: Biffy Clyro
23:55Hot Right Now!