DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Monday 22.01.2018 (utc time)

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00:35Shooting Gallery
01:25Jim Shockey's The Professionals
01:50Jim Shockey's The Professionals
02:15Heartland Bowhunter
02:40Heartland Bowhunter
03:05Heartland Bowhunter
03:30King of the Spring
03:55King of the Spring
04:20King of the Spring
05:00Midway USA's Gun Stories
05:25Midway USA's Gun Stories
05:50Midway USA's Gun Stories
06:15Savage Wild
06:40Savage Wild
07:05Savage Wild
07:30Midway USA's Gun Stories
07:55Midway USA's Gun Stories
08:20Midway USA's Gun Stories
08:45Ultimate Match Fishing
09:10Madfin Shark Series
09:35Madfin Shark Series
10:00Fishing Edge
10:25Fishing Edge
10:50Fishing Edge
11:15Speargun Hunter
11:40Speargun Hunter
12:05Speargun Hunter
12:30Ultimate Match Fishing
12:55Madfin Shark Series
13:20Madfin Shark Series
13:45Fishing Edge
14:10Fishing Edge
14:35Fishing Edge
15:00Speargun Hunter
15:25Speargun Hunter
15:50Speargun Hunter
16:15Ultimate Match Fishing
16:40Madfin Shark Series
17:05Madfin Shark Series
17:30Fishing Edge
17:55Fishing Edge
18:20Fishing Edge
18:45Speargun Hunter
19:10Speargun Hunter
19:35Speargun Hunter
20:00Midway USA's Gun Stories
20:25Midway USA's Gun Stories
20:50Midway USA's Gun Stories
21:15Savage Wild
21:40Savage Wild
22:05Savage Wild
22:30Ultimate Match Fishing
22:55Madfin Shark Series
23:20Madfin Shark Series
23:45Fishing Edge