DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Saturday 22.07.2017 (utc time)

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00:30Stranger in my Home
01:20Judge Judy
01:45Judge Judy
02:10Judge Judy
02:35Judge Judy
03:00Medical Detectives
03:25Medical Detectives
04:00Judge Judy
04:25Judge Judy
04:50Close Calls On Camera
05:15Close Calls On Camera
05:40Close Calls On Camera
06:05Close Calls On Camera
06:30Man Who Lost Himself
07:20Adoption Stories
07:45Adoption Stories
08:10Medical Emergency
08:35Medical Emergency
09:00Police Women of Cincinnati
09:50Cash and Cari
10:15Cash and Cari
10:40Deal Makers
11:30Judge Judy
11:55Judge Judy
12:20Judge Judy
12:45Judge Judy
13:10Judge Judy
13:35Speeders Fight Back
14:00Ocean Patrol
14:25Ocean Patrol
14:50Ocean Patrol
15:15Ocean Patrol
15:40Medical Detectives
16:05Medical Detectives
16:30Cash and Cari
16:55Cash and Cari
17:20Man Who Lost Himself
18:10Police Women of Cincinnati
19:00Wives With Knives
19:50Wives With Knives
20:40Teens Who Kill