DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Tuesday 16.10.2018 (utc time)

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00:15Cops and Coyotes
01:00Dirty Jobs
01:45Cats 101
02:30How the Universe Works
03:15Cake Boss
03:38Cake Boss
04:00Treehouse Masters
04:45Alaska Mega Machines
05:30How the Universe Works
06:15Cake Boss
06:38Cake Boss
07:00Dirty Jobs
07:45Cats 101
08:30Alaska Mega Machines
09:15Treehouse Masters
10:00How the Universe Works
10:45Cake Boss
11:08Cake Boss
11:30Dirty Jobs
12:15Cats 101
13:00Treehouse Masters
13:45Alaska Mega Machines
14:30How the Universe Works
15:15Cake Boss
15:38Cake Boss
16:00Dirty Jobs
16:45Cats 101
17:30How the Universe Works
18:15Alaska Mega Machines
19:00BBQ Pit Wars
19:45Cats 101
20:30Cops and Coyotes
21:15Cake Boss
21:38Cake Boss
22:00How the Universe Works
22:45Treehouse Masters
23:30Alaska Mega Machines