DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Wednesday 18.07.2018 (utc time)

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00:20Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
00:45Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
01:10Dog Tales: Tibor To The Rescue
01:35Dog Tales: Tibor To The Rescue
02:00Wild Bear Rescue
02:25Wild Bear Rescue
02:50Zoo Juniors
03:20Zoo Juniors
04:10Alaska's Wildest City
04:35Dog Tales: Tibor To The Rescue
05:00Dog Tales: Tibor To The Rescue
05:25Animal Antics
05:55Animal Antics
06:25Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
06:50Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
07:20Wild Bear Rescue
07:45Wild Bear Rescue
08:10Dog's Best Friend
08:35Dog's Best Friend
09:00The United States of Animals
09:25The United States of Animals
09:50One Wild Day
10:40Finding Fido
11:05Finding Fido
11:30Finding Fido
11:55Finding Fido
12:20Finding Fido
12:45Finding Fido
13:10Finding Fido
13:35Finding Fido
14:00Finding Fido
14:25Collar of Duty
14:50Animal Cops Phoenix
15:40Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
16:05Chris Humfrey's Animal Instinct
16:30Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan
17:15Nigel Marven's Wild Philippines
18:05Ice Age Giants
18:55Evolution on the Move
19:50One Wild Day
20:40Animal Cops Phoenix
21:35Deadly Australians
22:25Deadly Australians
23:20Alaska's Wildest City
23:45Polar Bear Town