DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Sunday 20.01.2019 (utc time)

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00:00Ultimate Pools
00:30Ultimate Pools
01:00Top Secret Swimming Holes
02:00America's Dark Secrets Declassified
03:00Ultimate Braai Master
04:00Building Alaska
05:00International House Hunters
05:30International House Hunters
06:00International House Hunters
06:30International House Hunters
07:00International House Hunters
07:30International House Hunters
08:00International House Hunters
08:30International House Hunters
09:00International House Hunters
09:30International House Hunters
10:00Tough Trucks
11:00Ultimate Pools
11:30Ultimate Pools
12:00Top Secret Swimming Holes
13:00Building Alaska
14:00Building Off the Grid
15:00Texas Flip N' Move
16:00World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides
17:00Going RV
17:30Going RV
18:00Mysteries at the Museum
19:00Hotel Impossible
20:00Mysteries at the Museum
21:00America's Dark Secrets Declassified
22:00Ultimate Braai Master
23:00Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern