DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Thursday 23.11.2017 (utc time)

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00:00American Pickers
01:00Forged: Iron and Fire
01:30Milwaukee Blacksmith
02:00Mountain Men
02:55Forged In Fire
03:45Counting Cars
04:10Storage Wars: Barry's Best Buys
05:00Storage Wars
05:25Pawn Stars
05:50Pawn Stars
06:15Ax Men
07:05Forged In Fire
08:00Aussie Pickers
09:00American Pickers
10:00Storage Wars: Barry's Best Buys
11:00American Restoration
12:00Pawn Stars
12:30Pawn Stars
13:00Forged In Fire
14:00Mountain Men
15:00American Pickers
16:00Forged: Iron and Fire
16:30Milwaukee Blacksmith
17:00The Curse Of Oak Island
18:00Forged in Fire
19:00Pawn Stars
19:30Pawn Stars
20:00Counting Cars
20:30Counting Cars
21:00Forged in Fire
22:00Forged in Fire
23:00Pawn Stars
23:30Pawn Stars