DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Tuesday 16.10.2018 (utc time)

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00:05World's Creepiest Killers
01:40Animal Fight Club
02:25Ultimate Animal Countdown
03:10Fish My City
04:00Race of Life
04:25Race of Life
04:50Indochina's Wild Heart
05:35Cat Wars: Lion V Cheetah
06:25Monster Fish
07:15Monster Fish
08:05Indochina's Wild Heart
08:50Cat Wars: Lion V Cheetah
09:40Giraffe: African Giant
10:25Fish My City
11:15The Wolf Mountains
12:05Viper Queens
12:50The Eagles
13:35The Rise of Black Wolf
14:25Animal Fight Club
15:10World's Weirdest
16:00Ultimate Animal Countdown
16:45Ultimate Animal Countdown
17:35Monster Fish
18:25Ultimate Animal Countdown
19:15World's Weirdest
20:00Monster Fish
20:50Animal Fight Club
21:40Ultimate Animal Countdown
22:30The Wolf Mountains
23:15Viper Queens