DNA Oyj / Welho

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Event information on Wednesday 18.07.2018 (utc time)

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00:00News Summary
00:05A Story and Follow Up
00:55Weather Forecast
01:00News Bulletin
02:00News Summary
02:05Today's Harvest
03:00News Bulletin
03:30Outside the Text
04:00News Bulletin
04:30Behind the News
05:00News Bulletin
06:00Al Jazeera This Morning
08:00News Bulletin
08:30Business Pioneers
09:00News Bulletin
09:30Sports News
10:00News Summary
10:05Press Review
10:30Al Jazeera's Lens
10:55Weather Forecast
11:00News Summary
11:05Opposite Direction
12:00Al Jazeera Mid Day
13:00News Bulletin
13:30Sports News
13:55Weather Forecast
14:00News Bulletin
15:00News Bulletin
16:00News Bulletin
16:30Smart Life
17:00News Bulletin
17:30Behind the News
18:00News Bulletin
19:00News Summary
19:05Without Bounds
20:00Today's Harvest
21:00News Bulletin
21:30Sports News
22:00News Bulletin
23:00News Summary
23:05Behind the News
23:30Al Jazeera's Lens