DNA Oy / Welho

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DNA Welho cable network in Kuopio (DVB-C)

Automatically generated from DVB NIT/SDT data on 13.7.2018 14:31.

This data is sometimes incomplete because of tuning errors (the tuning and scanning
is done with an ordinary DVB-C PCI card). Usually, it will be fixed during the next
automatic scan. Scan occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 PM.

Structured data formats

The information presented on this page is available in these structured data formats:

  • Plain XML (structure similar to DVB SI tables)

Modulation parameters

Network ID: 42249
Modulation: 64-128-256QAM
Inner FEC: None
Outer FEC: RS(204,188)
Symbol Rate:6,8750/6,900 Msym/s

Multiplex information

TSID = Transport Stream ID
ONETID = Original Network ID

Mux#FrequencySymbol rateModulationTSIDONETID
1274 MHz6.9 Msym/s128-QAM142249
100250 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10042249
101290 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10142249
102298 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10242249
103306 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10342249
104314 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10442249
105322 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10542249
106338 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10642249
107346 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10742249
108354 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10842249
109362 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10942249
110370 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11042249
111378 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11142249
112386 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11242249
113394 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11342249
114178 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11442249
115186 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11542249
116194 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11642249
117202 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11742249
118210 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11842249
119218 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11942249
120226 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12042249
121242 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12142249
122258 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12242249
123266 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12342249
124162 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12442249
125154 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12542249
126146 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12642249
127170 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12742249
128234 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12842249
129330 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12942249

Service information

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDFreq.Service IDService nameService typeVideo PIDAudio PID(s)PCR PIDPMT PIDTeletext PIDSubtitle PIDAC-3 Audio PIDScrambled
1127417Yle TV1[MPEG2 SD] 512650:fin 51225650001027:fin 1050:dut
2127433Yle TV2[MPEG2 SD] 513660:eng 664:dut 51325750002027:fin 0
310025049MTV3[MPEG2 SD] 21422143:fin 2147:dut 2149:swe 2142214121442145:fin 2146:dut
410025065Nelonen[MPEG2 SD] 30013002:fin 3003:dut 3001300030040
5127481Yle Teema & Fem[MPEG2 SD] 514670:eng 672:dut 51425950003027:fin 0
610025097Sub[MPEG2 SD] 302303:fin 302301304305:fin 0
7100250161TV5[MPEG2 SD] 534656:fin 5342800
8100250177Liv[MPEG2 SD] 516690:fin 5162590
9100250129Jim[MPEG2 SD] 522720:fin 5222660
10100250178Kutonen[MPEG2 SD] 523655:fin 5232770
121274200FOX[MPEG2 SD] 322100:fin 322000
131274351AVA[MPEG2 SD] 352353:fin 352351354355:fin 0
17100250817Iskelmä/Harju&Pöntinen[MPEG2 SD] 512650:fin 5122560
211012901501Yle TV1 HD[AVC HD] 310:avc31021051001127:fin 1150:fin
850:fin 0
221012901502Yle TV2 HD[AVC HD] 3122120
231012903291MTV3 HD[AVC HD] 1142:avc1143:fin 1147:dut 1149:swe 1142329111441145:fin 1146:dut
24100250444Nelonen HD[AVC HD] 456:avc554:fin 555:dut 4563565760
251012901503Yle Teema & Fem HD[AVC HD] 314:avc31421451003127:fin 870:eng 873:dut 0
27102298606TV5 HD[AVC HD] 111:avc121:fin 122:swe 1111000
331012903521AVA HD[AVC HD] 3522:avc3523:fin 3522352135243525:fin 0
3521022983110VFilm Family[AVC SD] 2299:avc601:swe 602:nor 603:dan 604:fin

Service information (digital radio)

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDService IDService nameService typeAudio PID(s)

Service information (Software updates)

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDService IDService nameService typeData PID(s)