DNA Oy / Welho

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DNA Welho cable network in Raisio/Turku (DVB-C)

Automatically generated from DVB NIT/SDT data on 12.8.2019 14:12.

This data is sometimes incomplete because of tuning errors (the tuning and scanning
is done with an ordinary DVB-C PCI card). Usually, it will be fixed during the next
automatic scan. Scan occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 PM.

Structured data formats

The information presented on this page is available in these structured data formats:

  • Plain XML (structure similar to DVB SI tables)

Modulation parameters

Network ID: 42249
Modulation: 64-128-256QAM
Inner FEC: None
Outer FEC: RS(204,188)
Symbol Rate:6,8750/6,900 Msym/s

Multiplex information

TSID = Transport Stream ID
ONETID = Original Network ID

Mux#FrequencySymbol rateModulationTSIDONETID
1274 MHz6.9 Msym/s128-QAM142249
100250 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10042249
101290 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10142249
102298 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10242249
103306 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10342249
104314 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10442249
105322 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10542249
106338 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10642249
107346 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10742249
108354 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10842249
109362 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM10942249
110370 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11042249
111378 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11142249
112386 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11242249
113394 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11342249
114178 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11442249
115186 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11542249
116194 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11642249
117202 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11742249
118210 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11842249
119218 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM11942249
120226 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12042249
121242 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12142249
122258 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12242249
123266 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12342249
124162 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12442249
125154 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12542249
126146 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12642249
127170 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12742249
128234 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12842249
129330 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM12942249
130282 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM13042249
181858 MHz6.9 Msym/s256-QAM18142249

Service information

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDFreq.Service IDService nameService typeVideo PIDAudio PID(s)PCR PIDPMT PIDTeletext PIDSubtitle PIDAC-3 Audio PIDScrambled
1127417Yle TV1[MPEG2 SD] 512650:fin 51225650001027:fin 1050:dut
2127433Yle TV2[MPEG2 SD] 513660:nor 664:dut 51325750002027:fin 0
310025049MTV3[MPEG2 SD] 20422043:fin 2047:dut 2049:swe 2042204120442045:fin 2046:dut
410025065Nelonen[MPEG2 SD] 30013002:fin 3003:dut 3001300030040
5127481Yle Teema & Fem[MPEG2 SD] 514670:eng 672:dut 51425950003027:fin 0
610025097Sub[MPEG2 SD] 302303:fin 302301304305:fin 0
7100250161TV5[MPEG2 SD] 534656:fin 5342800
8100250177Liv[MPEG2 SD] 516690:fin 5162590
9100250129Jim[MPEG2 SD] 522720:fin 5222660
10100250178Kutonen[MPEG2 SD] 523655:fin 5232770
121274200FOX[MPEG2 SD] 20002100:fin 20002000
131274351AVA[MPEG2 SD] 352353:fin 352351354355:fin 0
141063381450Hero[MPEG2 SD] 531631:fin 5312820
151033061089AlfaTV[MPEG2 SD] 530740:fin 741:dut 5302710
161063381804Frii[MPEG2 SD] 532632:fin 5322830
17100250817Iskelmä Harju & Pöntinen[MPEG2 SD] 512650:fin 5122000
211012901501YLE TV1 HD[AVC HD] 310:avc31021030001127:fin 1150:fin
850:fin 0
221012901502Yle TV2 HD[AVC HD] 312:avc31221251002127:fin 860:nor 863:dut 0
231012903291MTV3 HD[AVC HD] 1042:avc1043:fin 1047:dut 1049:swe 1042329110441045:fin 1046:dut
24100250444Nelonen HD[AVC HD] 456:avc554:fin 555:dut 4563565760
251012901503Yle Teema & Fem HD[AVC HD] 314:avc31421451003127:fin 870:eng 873:dut 0
261073463501Sub HD[AVC HD] 3502:avc3503:fin 3502350135043505:fin 0
27102298606TV5 HD[AVC HD] 111:avc121:fin 122:swe 1111000
301113781607Kutonen HD[AVC HD] 111:avc121:fin 1111000
31112386308TLC HD[AVC HD] 111:avc121:fin 111520
32112386100FOX HD[AVC HD] 1000:avc1100:fin 10001001
331012903521AVA HD[AVC HD] 3522:avc3523:fin 3522352135243525:fin 0
38105322655MTV HD[AVC HD] 702:avc703:fin 7027010
50113394656MTV[MPEG2 SD] 12593275:fin 1259711
651182101111TV7[MPEG2 SD] 800801:fin 8022007680
851161941013Sky News[MPEG2 SD] 12063202:eng 12062341
8711720210030CNBC[MPEG2 SD] 307308:eng 819018381
911182108211Euronews[MPEG2 SD] 22212232:eng 22211034511
931161946906France 24 HD[AVC HD] 818:avc828:eng 818808838:eng 0
1031083543806National Geographic HD[AVC HD] 3680:avc3681:eng 368020001
109102298301Discovery Channel HD[AVC HD] 52:avc53:fin 52510
1241151864206HISTORY HD[AVC HD] 1307:avc3303:eng 13075796512:swe 6595:fin
127110370287Travel Channel HD[AVC HD] 49:avc101:eng 104:rus 49190121:swe 125:fin
14211417810010History[MPEG2 SD] 16011611:eng 1612:dut 1618:cze 1620:hun
160110016091616:dan 1622:gre
1628:est 1629:fin
1639:bul 1641:slv
1642:hrv 1643:srp
16311619420215Nick Jr[MPEG2 SD] 31113113:eng 3116:rus 3118:swe 3121:fin
1641063387690English Club TV HD[AVC HD] 7691:avc7692:rus 7693:eng 769176901
165118210402Cartoon Network[AVC SD] 1192:avc3188:swe 4095:eng 4096:nor 4098:dan
170110370171Ginx eSports TV[MPEG2 SD] 20013001:eng 4001:fra 8102:pol 200110011
1721083544101Eurosport 1 HD[AVC HD] 256:avc258:fin 259:swe 2562571
173108354672Eurosport 2 HD[AVC HD] 1284:avc52:swe 53:fin 12845951
176118210500FIGHT SPORTS HD[AVC HD] 7312:avc7545:eng 7546:fra 731271121
17711037015010Outdoor Channel HD[AVC HD] 401:avc389:tur 411:eng 426:rus 401400450:swe 451:fin
452:srp 522:ell
1781133943Extreme Sports Channel[MPEG2 SD] 12011211:eng 1213:deu 1217:fra 1220:hun
1221:tur 1226:rus
1201120012061250:dut 1251:swe
1252:cze 1253:gre
1254:por 1255:rum
180116194111Nautical HD[AVC HD] 585:avc168:eng 266:deu 267:fra 268:ita
5852864269:grc 1
1811093621025Motorvision TV HD[AVC HD] 425:avc525:eng 625:fre 4253251
185110370905Eurosport 1[MPEG2 SD] 256258:fin 259:swe 2562571
1861103701608Eurosport 2[MPEG2 SD] 11151:swe 52:fin 1111001
2051073463341C More Max HD[AVC HD] 3342:avc3343:fin 3342334133443345:fin 1
211107346331C More Juniori[MPEG2 SD] 332333:fin 332331335:fin 1
213107346341C More Max[MPEG2 SD] 342343:fin 342341344345:fin 1
22310835432C More First HD[AVC HD] 4699:avc469946904691:fin 4692:nor
4693:dan 4694:swe
4695:fin 4698:swe 1
22510936213C More Hits[MPEG2 SD] 45194515:fin 4516:nor 4517:dan 4518:swe
22910936218C More Series[MPEG2 SD] 45694565:fin 4566:nor 4567:dan 4568:swe
23110936215C More Stars[MPEG2 SD] 46094605:fin 4606:nor 4607:dan 4608:swe
233106338170SF Kanalen[MPEG2 SD] 45594555:fin 4556:nor 4557:dan 4558:swe
23510936212C More First[MPEG2 SD] 45094505:fin 4506:nor 4507:dan 4508:swe
2491073463421C More Sport 1 HD[AVC HD] 3422:avc3423:fin 3422342134243425:fin 1
2511073463431C More Sport 2 HD[AVC HD] 3432:avc3433:fin 3432343134343435:fin 1
2611063384010C More Sport 1[MPEG2 SD] 402403:fin 402401404405:fin 1
263106338411C More Sport 2[MPEG2 SD] 412413:fin 412411414415:fin 1
3171033061600VFilm Premiere HD[AVC HD] 1601:avc16011600710:swe 711:nor
712:dan 713:fin
714:nor 715:dan 716:fin 1608:swe 1
3211033062200VFilm Action HD[AVC HD] 1401:avc14012200810:swe 812:dan
813:fin 1406:nor
808:swe 816:fin 1
3231053222230VFilm Hits HD[AVC HD] 1411:avc141122302236840:swe 842:dan
844:swe 847:fin 1
3521022983110VFilm Family[AVC SD] 2299:avc601:swe 602:nor 603:dan 604:fin
3691192182710Viasat Hockey HD[AVC HD] 2711:avc271127102712:swe 2713:fin 1
3711043142700Viasat Sport HD[AVC HD] 15115127001
3731053221700Viasat Golf HD[AVC HD] 1701:avc170117001702:swe 1703:nor 1704:dan 1705:fin 1
3771123862840Viasat Fotboll HD[AVC HD] 2841:avc284128402842:swe 2843:fin 1
3791033062760Viasat Sport Premium HD[AVC HD] 2761:avc276127602762:swe 2763:fin 1
3831192184400Viasat Urheilu[AVC SD] 1681:avc1682:fin 1683:org 168116801
40311339428659MTV Rocks[MPEG2 SD] 51115112:eng 511151101
40511417828654MTV Hits[MPEG2 SD] 50815082:eng 508150801
40711821028655MTV Dance[MPEG2 SD] 50915092:eng 509150901
40911339428671MTV Music[MPEG2 SD] 40114012 40114111
41311821028656VH1[MPEG2 SD] 50715072:eng 507120450791
41510431428657VH1 Classic[MPEG2 SD] 51015102:eng 510151001
419113394105Mezzo HD[AVC HD] 1010:avc101010001021:fra 0
42211417811MTV Live HD[AVC HD] 1011:avc1012:eng 101110101013:eng 1
4231172023502iConcert HD[AVC HD] 767:avc768:eng 767981
429117202103Fashion TV[AVC SD] 1401:avc1402:eng 140114051
4311043142222CBS Reality[MPEG2 SD] 801811:eng 818:cze 820:hun 821:tur
826:rus 827:ron
8012300816850:dut 851:swe
852:nor 853:dan
854:gre 855:por
856:heb 857:bul
858:slv 859:hrv
860:rum 861:ara
4421192183801SVT1 HD[AVC HD] 1611:avc1611161016161615:swe 1
4541192185030SVTB /SVT24[MPEG2 SD] 4416:avc4417 441644158021
4651141786915TV5MONDE EUROPE[MPEG2 SD] 615635:fra 615665835935:rus 936:eng
937:deu 938:dut
939:spa 940:rum
472113394555Dom Kino[AVC SD] 223:avc323 2231231
47611518612003RTL Television[MPEG2 SD] 163104:ger 16344105110:deu 106:ger 1
47811720228006ZDF[MPEG2 SD] 110120:deu 121:mis 122:mul 11054130131:deu 125:deu 1
480114178607DW-TV Europe[MPEG2 SD] 10001001:eng 10007001
481114178280073sat[MPEG2 SD] 210220:deu 221:mis 222:mul 210200230231:deu 225:deu 1
48311720228724ARTE[MPEG2 SD] 401402:deu 403:mis 407:mul 408:fra
485116194257France 2 HD[AVC HD] 120:avc120110140:fra 142:fra
48811518613710TVE INTERNACIONAL[MPEG2 SD] 35213522:spa 3527:qaa 3521352035253526:spa 3529:eng
4901151868511Rai 1[MPEG2 SD] 512650:ita 694:oth 51211045761
4911151868512Rai 2[MPEG2 SD] 513651:ita 51311055771
4941182106840ETV[AVC SD] 550:avc730:est 731:dut 5502903000:est 3001:rus
5031172027012Al Jazeera English[MPEG2 SD] 35053625:eng 35057621
504117202708Al Jazeera Arabic[MPEG2 SD] 709729:ara 70910311
5051161941516beIN Gurme[AVC HD] 2335:avc3338:tur 23352531
5061161944340Sky Turk[AVC SD] 2113:avc49:tur 21134401
519115186227Playboy TV[MPEG2 SD] 15211522:eng 152115021
5781141781650myZen.tv HD[AVC HD] 4949481
589113394191Raisio-kanava[MPEG2 SD] 41314129:fin 413112800

Service information (digital radio)

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDService IDService nameService typeAudio PID(s)

Service information (Software updates)

TSID = Transport Stream ID

Chan#TSIDService IDService nameService typeData PID(s)
(none)1197040Wbox_HD_2_5.2.4Data 129 7041
(none)1197042Wbox_HD_2s_5.2.4Data 129 7042